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Participation Fees 》china International Medical Fair

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Booth Type

Overseas Enterprise

Standard Booth

USD 5,000/9m2

Deluxe Standard Booth

USD 5,380/9m2

Raw Space (Min. 36m2)

USD 500元/m2

Standard booth package: 3-sided partitions, 1 negotiation table, 2 chairs, company sign in Chinese and English, 2 spotlights, 1 power socket (220W/5A), and fully-floored carpet. Expenses on any other furniture shall be borne by exhibitors.

Raw space fee consists of a show space, carpet, security and booth cleaning service.

Show Catalogue & Other Ads】

Front cover: RMB 36,000

Back cover: RMB 30,000

Inside front: RMB 20,000

Inside back: RMB 15,000

Fly page: RMB 12,000

Colored full page: RMB 8,000

Black-and-white full page: RMB 5,000

Full text page: RMB 3,000

Arches: RMB 30,000/Expo

Balloons: RMB 20,000/Expo

Banners: RMB 20,000/Expo

Admission tickets: RMB 30,000/50,000 pcs.

Diamond sponsor: RMB 500,000

Gold sponsor: RMB 400,000

Silver sponsor: RMB 300,000

Exhibitor /Visitor ticket: RMB 50,000

Seminars】 Domestic enterprises: RMB 36,000/Session Overseas enterprises: USD 6,800/Session

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