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Scope of Exhibits of 》china International Medical Fair

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Medical imaging:CT,DR,medical X-ray systems,ultrasound diagnostic instrument , magnetic resonance equipment , tumor therapy apparatus,medical film, etc.;

Medical informatization:medical call system,Internet medical,wearable medical treatment, medical software, medical remote system, intelligent medical equipment, etc.;

Medical devices:medical equipment,B-mode ultrasound,Various new-type medical instruments and auxiliary medical devices and equipment,

Clinical laboratory: IVD,clinical laboratory analytical instruments,clinical laboratory auxiliary equipment and consumables blood transfusion products, etc.;

Rehabilitation care products:wheelchairs,crutches,walker,incontinence care hearing aids, handrails, lift platform, physical training equipment, etc.;

Medical materials/consumables: medical bandage, gauze, masks, Medical gown, medical adhesive plaster, cotton balls, dressing, gloves,protective film,disposable materials supplies, etc.;

Family health care:sleep monitor, blood pressure, oxygen generator, therapeutic apparatus, massage chair, pedicure machine, foot bath, etc.;

Other products:medical disinfection, medical furniture design and manufacturing, medical treatment, medical auxiliary equipment,medical testing and other related medical products.

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